Founder and Artistic Director

Art Feinglass

Last Seder
Director Art Feinglass and the cast of The Last Seder

Born in New York, Art was a member of a kibbutz in Israel’s Negev desert for 8 years and served in the Israeli Army during the Yom Kippur War. He has a BA from Ben Gurion University of the Negev and a Masters in Writing from the University of Washington.

He was Director of Public Relations for ORT in New York and taught Public Relations and Marketing at New York University and Jewish Literature & Film at Hebrew Union College Kollel in New York. He is the author of Public Relations for Nonprofits, published by John Wiley, and a children’s book, The Lonesome Dreidel: A Chanukah Adventure, available on Amazon.

Art owns a Manhattan-based dinner theater company, Mostly Murder, which performs from Boston to Washington, D.C., and a corporate training firm, Access Communications, that operates nationwide using actors to teach programs in sexual harassment awareness and diversity.  He serves as co-vice president of the Washington State Jewish Historical Society and program director for Friends of Yesler Swamp.  In 2011 he founded the Seattle Jewish Theater Company, dedicated to bringing classic and contemporary Jewish theater to the Seattle area.

“There is a wonderful cultural heritage of Jewish theater,” Art says.  “I want to share that with Jewish and non-Jewish audiences alike.  My goal is to produce plays that my grandchildren can go to see with their friends from every cultural background and laugh and cry and maybe think a little, as they enjoy a great theatrical experience with a Jewish flavor.”